Bååtska Palace

In 2012, Sanna Tomac was commissioned to create a painting for the unfinished Baroque ceiling of the Bååtska Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. Sanna completed the painting in February 2014 using only traditional materials and methods - no photographs or projects, only live models. 

When the Bååtska Palace was constructed in 1662, one of the great halls, now named Oscarssalen after the Swedish King Oscar I, was designed and built to exhibit a large ceiling mural surrounded by elaborate plaster decorations and reliefs. The ceiling of the monumental hall, with its rich ornamentation, is strikingly impressive. However, the space reserved for the ceiling mural, measuring 4 x 7 meters, was never filled. For nearly 400 years remained empty, and was one of the few original, unfinished Baroque palace ceilings in the world. To receive this important commission is a tremendous honor. It is something that few contemporary painters will ever experience.

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